About us

Ricarda Gomeier works as a strategic consultant in San Francisco/ Palo Alto and in Munich, Frankfurt, Berlin. Her interdisciplinary team of architects, artists and creatives with engineers, programmers and psychologists supports her depending on the task. Business administration and legal department are located in the B (l) ack-Office in Donaustauf/ Regensburg. Her theme: movement and calm in the context of art and music, performance and withdrawal, team and leadership.

She is a trusted person and companion for people in special circumstances and/ or position. For company teams, sports teams and creative crews, she offers meetings and interventions on a daily basis. She also enjoys projective work. In special cases, Ricarda Gomeier develops a framework contract. The collaboration usually starts without obligation or coincidence - Ricarda Gomeier cultivates spontaneous street acquaintances and enjoys swimming.

Ricarda Gomeier & Team is also happy to teach in-house.

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